First blog post

Well, it’s official!!! I finally have my own blog after many, many months of “what if’s” and feeling like I’m not good enough to maintain a blog due to my anxiety. It was intimidating to think about, with people like Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter absolutely smashing the blogging thing, what would little old me achieve? By the way, you should totally go and check them out, they’re both absolutely amazing and they both inspired me to start my own. Go and give them some love!!! ❤

My blog posts will be about anything and everything.. Not exactly about what I had for dinner, I’m not that boring! But anything from anxiety & depression, parenthood, celebrity crushes, advice etc! But let me tell you one thing, if you’re looking for something glamorous, you’ll be greatly disappointed. Me? Glamorous? Permanently in zombie-mode, with terrible eyebrows and a big ol’ flabby stomach? I think not.

I hope you enjoy my future blogs! This is just a bit of a lame introduction. But I promise they’ll get better.. Maybe.. I hope.

Lots of love,

SarahSparkles xxx


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