Introducing you to my daughter!

Here she is, my precious little gem, Alexa Brooke. Long story short I’ve never known a child like her. She has just turned two, and boy, she’s a little madam!!

She’s so strong. If she wants to open a door, she will. Even if I’m pushing against it to stop her. (Does that make me weak??) She’s so cheeky, lively and determined. Her favourite things at the moment are Peppa Pig, Shimmer & Shine and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

She’s very independent, and gives a LOT of soggy “kisses”. They’re a lot better now compared to before. It started off as “Lexie, give me a kiss” and she’d spit all down her chin, run up to you and lick you. Then it became running up to you, putting her mouth to you and going “PAH” (still just as slobbery as the first). But now, thank the Lord, she gives proper kisses. (Still with a tiny bit of slobber, but I can live with that)

As soon as she was born I knew she was going to be a handful. I was absolutely exhausted from the delivery, so my mum had the first hold. She looked down at my precious little baby in awe, and then Alexa opened her eyes, looked at my mum, stuck two fingers up and blew a raspberry. I just knew from that moment she was going to be a little s**t! Before she was born, I always made an effort when going out somewhere, even if it was just to the shop to stock up on food. Now I have to stop myself going everywhere in my pyjamas with odd shoes on. I’ve never been glamorous, but now I could make an awesome Halloween prop.

Back to my little bundle of joy, just adding to the list of WONDERFUL jobs, she is severely travel sick. With a mother who has a phobia of vomit. Can you imagine what that scene would be like? For now, if I have to travel, I don’t take her with me. I just can’t face the thought of her throwing up everywhere at least three times and me almost passing out whilst cleaning it up. Does that make me a bad mother?

I also have my suspicions that she is a devil child. Sometimes I have to check if there’s “666” engraved on the back of her head. One of the times that almost confirmed my suspicions was when she was refusing to sleep, it was past midnight, and she was hobbling backwards and forwards like a little old woman, cackling. CACKLING!!! I was very amused and slightly terrified by this.

The thing I love most about her, is the way she talks. Her accent is so posh at the moment, which I don’t understand because I’m a northerner. Lancashire born and bred, common as muck. But best of all, she calls my mum Gandhi. GANDHI. I have no idea where this came from, but I bloody love it.

She is my little best friend, and when she comes up to me and says “mummy, I got you”, well… That just makes me melt. She’s such a beautiful little soul and I wouldn’t change her for the world.

I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to Alexa, baring in mind that I don’t want to give too much information away. Just some of the funny parts.

Lots of love,

SarahSparkles xxx


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