A Letter To My 15/16 Year Old Self.

Dear 15/16 year old self,

There’s a few things I want to say to you.

The first is the issue with your self-confidence. You think you’re fat, right? You think you’re ugly, you think you don’t fit in. Well you’re wrong. You’re YOU. Beautiful in your OWN way, and you fit in more than you realise. So you may not have the best figure, you still have puppy-fat when everybody else has lost theirs. So what? Don’t walk around in clothes 3 sizes too big for you because it doesn’t really hide your imperfections… It just makes you look a lot bigger than you actually are. In the long run, you’re just hurting yourself, damaging your own self confidence. Learn to love your imperfections, and everyone else will too. Nobody’s perfect. And if people in your life are putting you down over your looks or your personality, remove them. Stop being so nice and learn to stand up for yourself when you need to. You’ll be a lot happier, trust me. I’m the older version of you.


WHY!!!!! No. Just no. If you want a “sweepy” fringe, get it done at the hairdressers. Don’t just do it with the side fringe you already have, which is as long as the rest of your hair. Those gaps are really annoying me. STOP IT NOW.

The third issue is your dress sense. Just because you have to leave the house stupidly early in the morning does not mean it is okay to where THIS!


You genuinely travelled to Manchester dressed like this, and then remained in Manchester for the whole day. Clearly you didn’t think things through like, PEOPLE WILL SEE YOU.
God dammit, Sarah. You’re making me cringe.

The fourth and final thing is: realise how lucky you are. You have loving parents that are still together, a home, food on the table, clothes on your back. Not only that, but look at how many amazing people you met that year and how many AWESOME things you did!!!

You may have been suffering mentally during this time, but you tried not to let it stop you. For that I’m so proud of you.

The fact that the pictures above show how many different hairstyles you went through in one year is pretty impressive too.

Keep up the good work! (And please keep improving your hair and clothes styles… Please?)

Love from,

Future Sarah xxx


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