8 Things I Just Can’t Handle.

Well hello again! (Looks like I’m becoming a daily blogger…)

So, today I thought I would share with you 8 things I just can’t handle because, you know, I can. And I’m also in a complainy mood.


1. FEET.
They are just so disgusting. Yuck. I can just about handle my own feet and my daughters, but if anyone else puts their feet near me, they’ll get a swift punch. To me they just look so weird and ugly, it really creeps me out!


When I say horrible, I literally mean disgusting. I don’t have perfect, white teeth and that’s fine, but when they’re actually black, covered in food and give you bad breath.. EW. It literally makes me throw up in my mouth. The first thing I think is “I feel sorry for whoever has to kiss you, I know I certainly wouldn’t”. I may sound like I’m being a bitch, but honestly it just really grosses me out to the point where I want to cry.


3. SICK.
I can cope with my own because I kind of have to, but that’s it. Nobody can be sick near me. I will literally push you away from me, block my ears and run a mile. The noise just gets to me, like it makes my stomach go heavy and I panic. It’s the worst noise I’ve ever heard. I sound so mean but I even push my 2-year-old away when she’s going to be sick because I just can’t deal with it. If I’m holding her, I’ll sit her on the floor and move away.. I’d rather do that and have to clean up afterwards than sit there listening to the traumatising noise as well as getting covered in lumpy gloop. I’m going to stop now, I’m making myself feel sick.


Like, come on, seriously? Do you really think I’m going to let you touch me/cook for me/whatever it is you’re trying to do after you’ve just taken a dump and not washed your hands? When this happens to me I feel like chasing them round with Dettol or some kind of hand gel. IT’S NOT HARD TO USE SOAP.


My best friend is a loud eater, and it really goes through me. It puts me off my own food hearing someone else tonguing their food, hearing how slobbery and wet it is. It sends shivers down my spine and I feel like holding their mouth shut for them just so I can enjoy my own food. Either that or I just put my headphones on and refuse to look at them until they’ve finished eating.


Need I say more? Nothing grinds my gears more than someone completely blanking you when you’re just trying to be kind. I’d rather you tell me to f**k off than show me up by ignoring me in public.


7. BUGS.
I hate anything that flies or crawls apart from butterflies and ladybirds. Like I literally want to cry when anything comes near me. Here is a picture to sum up my reaction:


I actually think I have a phobia of prawns. Even the tiny ones. There’s just something about them that freak me out. Plus I can imagine them to taste really, really fishy. The fact that the giant prawns still have their eyes and legs and stuff when you eat them is just…. EWWWW. It literally terrifies me. I once got Singapore Vermacelli from my local Cantonese, which has tiny prawns in. So I got my mum to take the prawns off my plate, but she missed one and when I came across it I cried. I actually cried. I wouldn’t touch my plate until it had gone and I wouldn’t let anyone use my fork to move it.


That’s it, sparklers! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

I’ll probably see you tomorrow with another blog..

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx




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