How People Think I am VS How I Really Am.

Oh, hai!

So today I thought I’d let you guys know what people normally think of me before they get to know me VS how I actually am. This should be interesting!


People think I’m rude.
This is often the first impression people get, but it’s really not the case. I’m a very shy person until I get to know you/feel comfortable around you. I hardly talk at all, I just smile and nod (but I do still say please and thank you!). I personally have never understood why it comes across as rude, but apparently it does. My ex’s parents hated me because I wasn’t very talkative and was “rude” when really I was just so shy and nervous I didn’t know what to say.

People think I’m stuck up and arrogant.
Okay, so I have this condition called RBS (Resting Bitchface Syndrome). THIS IS NOT MY FAULT. I can be as happy as possible and still look like I want to murder someone. When I make new friends, after a while most of them say to me “when I first met you I thought you were stuck up and arrogant, but you’re really not!” Thanks guys.. I think 😛

People think I have a massive ego because I’m tall… (I don’t understand this either)
Come on guys, seriously? It’s not my fault I’m tall and take long strides when I walk anywhere. I’m very self-conscious about my height actually, I hate being so tall. I’m always taller than everyone! It’s rare I meet someone taller than me and when I do (especially if it’s a guy) I’m sooooo happy! To some people 5″11 may not seem really tall, but for a girl it is. I don’t wear heels because I literally tower over everyone anyway without adding extra inches. Most of my boyfriends/dates/crushes have all been smaller than me and it’s so awkward. There’s been a few times where I’ve debated chopping my feet off so I look shorter.

People automatically assume I’m a model because of my height.
Okay, yeah, I gave modelling a try a few years ago and it was really fun! But if I say to people “actually, yeah, I used to be a model” I literally get 100s of questions thrown at me like “why did you stop?”, “Can you show me how you model?” and it’s really annoying. I stopped for many reasons, the main one being self-conscious. So I’d appreciate it if you didn’t question my personal decisions..

Sometimes I come across as the type of person with a heart of stone.
You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. I’m so soft, I will literally cry at anything. I cried at Winnie-the-Pooh once because I found it too cute and adorable. I’m a massive worrier, I worry about EVERYTHING, even things that aren’t my problem. I’m so sympathetic as well, like if I see someone crying, I’ll cry too. Whether it’s happy tears or sad tears, I’ll end up joining in even if I don’t know the reason behind it. I’m pretty much a walking emotion.


So, that’s it for now guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I’ll be back soon with another blog!

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx


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