Hey there, sparklers 🙂

So today its just hit me that in 2 days time I’m going to see my two favourite people in the whole wide world. They’re like my biggest inspiration/crushes/everything you could think of.

This probably sounds so sad to you guys reading this, but I’m so excited I could wee. Not only am I seeing the show, I’m actually a V.I.P as well.

V.I.P!!! I’ve never been a V.I.P in my life. SQUEEEEEEE.

Vip - Very Important Person - Gold 3D Render On The Wall Backgro

Like, I don’t even know what to say. I’m just speechless. My eyes are in the shape of hearts right now.

Stay tuned for Monday’s blog when I reveal who I went to meet and what happened there! But in the meantime, I’ll still have a blog up for you tomorrow. I am a daily blogger, after all!

Sorry this is such a short post, there isn’t really much more I can say without giving it all away. But it’ll be worth the wait, I promise 😀

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx


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