Haiiiiiiiiiii 😀

Oh my Lordy Lord, WHAT A DAY!!! I know it’s Tuesday now so I’m a day late, but I’m not gonna lie I got home about 12am and was a bit drunk. So I obviously didn’t want to risk writing a blog while under the influence, as that could have been horribly embarrassing. Just like when I found out this morning that I’d tweeted Joe saying “come outside I’m cold and drunk :(” ….. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF!

That tweet is now deleted, hopefully before he saw it… I don’t really drink anymore so the wine went to my head pretty quickly. *facepalm*

Anyhoo, I hopped on a train to Liverpool with Nicole, extremely tired (I had hardly slept the night before) and excited. I was wearing my favourite outfit: Black leather leggings with my black “belly top” which I let rest on my shoulders so it didn’t actually show any belly.. (I later found out that it did in my picture with them so I had to blur it out, YUCK) And my leather jacket with brown leather ankle boots. I was basically the leather girl of yesterday.

I got to the theatre, and arrived at the stage door (I stupidly didn’t realise that I’d gone to the WRONG DOOR) as I saw a group of hysterical 14-15 year olds and thought that this is where I must be.

I couldn’t understand why they were freaking out so much because I couldn’t actually see anything. Then I happened to look up, and saw that the window was open, I looked at Nicole with an “OH S**T” expression on my face, and legged it round to the front entrance where we was supposed to be because I was a little embarrassed of the fact they could see me looking like a right lemon. I probably looked like I was someone’s bored older sister that had been dragged along. Awkward.

Inside I was just as excited as everyone else, but I was trying not to show it as I would have actually looked like an idiot. A full on Rodney.

Finally after about an hour of queuing, I went upstairs and stood behind the backdrop that’s used for their photos. I was actually shaking with nerves because my two favourite people in the world who are also my inspirations were stood RIGHT THERE.

I was instantly greeted with a great big hug off Caspar and a pretty sweet cuddle off Joe. Who just so happened to smell amazing and it was extremely difficult not to nuzzle my nose into his neck just because he smelt so good. (Hehe, sorry Joe!)

This is why I hate smiling. It gives me the chubbiest cheeks EVER.

Now, after this moment, I was slightly dazed because, you know, I’d just finally met Joe and Caspar. I had my pass taken off me and was told they were going to sign it. YAY.


I walked away, and Nicole was doing “the grin” at me, like she knew something I didn’t. I immediately thought something embarrassing had happened. Like maybe I’d stood on their toes without realising (I do that a lot when I’m nervous), or my leggings had fallen down or something. She wouldn’t even tell me until we got outside so I was basically a jittering mess thinking all sorts of embarrassing things.

I glared at her and she smirked at me. That immediately rang alarm bells in my head. So I gave her the impatient “I’M WAITING” look, and she finally told me. Well, let’s just say I nearly fell off the step with shock. I laughed and said “you’re joking, right? ME?! Nah, I don’t think so.”

I’m not going to tell you exactly what she said, because I still don’t know whether she’s winding me up or not, but let’s just say I was a happy chappy for the rest of the night. All I kept thinking was “ME! Of all the people there, me!”

I was so chuffed that once I’d sat down and had a cigarette to settle my nerves (horrible habit, I know, and I AM trying to stop) I rang my mum and gabbled down the phone about how amazing it was so far. Me and my mum have a very close relationship, she’s more like a best friend to me so I always give her juicy details.

Afterwards we went back inside and upstairs to the lounge.. LOUNGE! And we went to the bar. I treated us to a bottle of wine which we pretty much finished before the show started (oops). IT WAS THE NICEST WINE I’D EVER TASTED OKAY!


Our seats were up in the circle, so I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t be able to see very well.. But oh wow, it was the most amazing view!!! (The camera doesn’t do it justice, believe me) and I was super excited to see the exclusive show and ate a ton of chilli & lime crisp, which everyone could smell except me and Nicole. The wine was beautiful, and the crisp were yummy, but if you mixed them (have a crisp and then a sip of wine, or the other way round), the after taste was like sick. It was AWFUL. So until the crisps and wine were gone I was cringing and pulling all kinds of faces at the disgusting after taste, and Nicole did her fair share of gurning too. I bet we looked very attractive.


Our view was so good that in the part of the show where they dim all the lights and Joe and Caspar get torches out and shine them into the crowd, Joe shone his torch directly into my eyes and practically blinded me (it was like I had just looked at the sun) and he kept it there for a minute. I wasn’t sure if he could properly see or not so I waved and he instantly waved back. I was even more chuffed than I was before :D.
Not going to lie I was pretty much a tipsy fan-girl at this point. Now that I’d met them I was able to let all my excitement out because they wouldn’t be able to tell it was me! Result.

Parts of the show we were allowed to film, which I did of course, like the live brain freeze challenge. Bloody brilliant!!!


Obviously, the majority of the show we weren’t allowed to film because it’s only being shown on tour itself, nowhere else. Some of it was only being shown for last night’s show especially. I feel so lucky. Anyhoo, this is pretty much the end of the blog, but just to finish off I thought I’d show you what the end of the night was like. (Cringe!)


That’s it for now, folks! I hope you enjoyed today’s blog 🙂

I did a lot of cringing whilst writing this, I’m not gonna lie. But I had an absolutely amazing day! I’d do it all again if I could!

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx


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