What’s In My Bag Challenge?!

Oh hai 🙂

So I’ve been asked to do this challenge and it does look pretty fun! I wasn’t entirely sure what was actually in my bag until I emptied it to show you. So, here goes!

This is the bag that I always use, which I’m pretty sure I got from New Look.


Here’s what I found in my bag:

A pretty interesting mixture, right? 


In my bag I have:

  • A tub of unopened Sour Cream & Onion Pringles
  • Orange Lucozade which also hasn’t been touched
  • My favourite purse which I think I got from Primark
  • Bristows Extra Firm Hold 24hr hair spray 
  • Dove deodorant
  • So…Kiss Me? Perfume
  • A Wispa bar
  • Sinex nasal spray (I don’t know why I have that in there)
  • A train ticket
  • Tickets from Joe & Caspar Hit The Road
  • V.I.P pass
  • An “Extra-Strong” umbrella (I haven’t even used it yet)
  • A pretty bent headband which I also got from Primark
  • St. Jude Medical contraption thingy.

Let me explain the last one. A few months ago I had an operation where I had a loop recorder put into my chest to permanently record my heart rhythm. This box is for when I have a symptom, e.g. palpitations, and so I turn it on and hold it over my scar so it highlights the recording whilst I’m having symptoms.

I do think it’s pretty cool, it almost feels like I have a mechanical heart… Yeah, I’m weird.


So, there we go! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂
I haven’t actually done one of these before, and I’ve seen a ton of other blogger/vloggers do it and it looked pretty fun.
It’s pretty lame that I was excited to do this but yeah, I have no life etc etc 😛


See you tomorrow!
Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx


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