Hey there, Sparklers! 🙂

It’s finally Halloween, which means Christmas is coming! EEEEEK.

I love everything about Halloween: the costumes, parties, sweets (especially the sweets), literally everything!

All week I’ve been getting into the Halloween spirit, and came to realise that I think I suit green eyes.

I’m so very tempted to wear green contacts all the time….


But anyway, I actually have a bit of a story for you today, guys.

I went shopping earlier in my village and I was so exhausted that for a good 5-10 minutes I’d actually FORGOTTEN it was Halloween. I went into the Co-Op to get some bits and bobs, and as I was walking to the till I was in my own little world with my head down digging through my purse trying to find something. I got to the till, looked up and was greeted by a vampire. Not going to lie, I absolutely shat myself. Looking up to be greeted by a vampire when you least expect it is pretty damn scary.
And by the look on his face it looks like I scared him, too. The poor thing looked terrified, I was so embarrassed!!

We laughed it off, but I could feel my face burning with the embarrassment. Hopefully my make up hid it, at least a little bit.


I hope everyone has a great Halloween, and that it’s a lot better than mine! 😛
See you tomorrow with another one.

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx


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