Winter Is Here!!!

Hey there, Sparklers 🙂

Eeeeek, I’m so glad winter’s properly here now. Want to know why? CHRISTMAS!!!!!

This morning I took my daughter for a walk and my ears nearly froze off.
Alexa had her cute little wellies on and her pink winter coat with the hood up. She could hardly see a thing, bless her!

I wore the thickest jumper I own (which was my first time wearing it from when I bought it as it just wasn’t cold enough to wear), some leggings and my Timberlands. But silly me tied my hair up and forgot to wear a hat. My ears were so cold they hurt.

At one point I actually thought I had frost bite.

Going into your toasty, warm house after a brisk walk in the FREEZING COLD is absolute bliss. It’s the best feeling, you just want to curl up in a ball and embrace the warmth. Which I did, and that ended up with me falling asleep… Ooops.

I’m so excited to put all the Christmas decorations up. Normally they’re up by the 1st November because I get too impatient, but this time I’m just too knackered and I definitely DON’T have the patience to attack the bloody tree lights. Why do they always get so tangled?!?!

If anyone has any tips on how to prevent this, please tell me and I will literally love you forever. Literally.

The thing I’m most excited for is the fact that this Christmas, Alexa will start to take notice of things; like Santa and presents and the magical feeling in the air.

I guarantee you that my Christmas tree (well, ONE of my Christmas trees) will be in the background of next week’s video for YouTube. Not this week’s as it’s already been filmed and I’m in zombie-mum mode at the moment. Basically I just can’t be arsed.


I know it’s early but I just can’t help myself.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! 😛

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx






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