Santa Baby…

Hey there, Sparklers 🙂

It’s official. I’m now in full Christmas mode. I can’t contain my excitement any longer and it looks like Christmas has exploded in my house. BUT I LOVE IT!

Just one of our Christmas trees, and possibly my favourite one. 


A few hours ago, I decided to build Alexa’s mini indoor trampoline which I got for her birthday a couple of months ago but never actually got round to putting it up for her.

So, while part of me was almost ripping my hair out because Alexa was sat in the middle of the poles and taking the pieces I needed when I wasn’t looking, the rest of me just couldn’t get annoyed because I was too busy listening to Christmas songs and singing them horribly at the top of my voice.

But instead of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, I was Rockin’ Around the Trampoline with a very confused toddler staring at me.

Once I FINALLY tackled the trampoline and showed Alexa what to do (she looked like Bambi on ice), I decided that tonight is going to be a proper chill-out night.
So, now I’m all cozy on my sofa with a warm blanket, writing this with a Chinese on the way and the Xmas 24 channel is on our TV and will probably stay on for the rest of the night.

I’m so very happy and content right now! (And slightly amused watching Alexa attempt to jump on the trampoline).

I hope you all have a lovely, relaxed Sunday night just as I’m doing 🙂
See you soon!!

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx





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