A New Addition!

Hey there, Sparklers 🙂

Yesterday something so exciting happened. I woke up full of nerves and excitement in the morning as I rushed to get ready before my car showed up.

My mum and I were about to travel to Sheffield to pick up an 8 week old puppy. I could hardly contain my excitement and obviously expected everything to go smoothly, but as always, it never does.

The first stop we made was the bank to draw out some money and, of course, the lock had broken on the door and all the staff were stood outside trying to find a way to get in. TYPICAL!

So after travelling half an hour or so, we finally found another branch so I could finally go in and get the money. But, of course, I’d never been in that branch before so they were studying my ID for a good 10-15 minutes making sure I was the real Sarah and not some fraud, which is always fun.. (NOT)

Finally, with that sorted we was on our way. Then our driver realised she was low on fuel and had to pull into a garage. So I took the opportunity to raid the shelves as I was STARVING and made sure we all had food and drink for the rest of the way there and back as well. (Mainly crisp, sweets and coke but that’s besides the point!)

On to the motorway now, I was feeling sure that it would all be smooth from here. Nope. My mum decided she wanted to make an emergency toilet stop so we pulled into the next service station and… We got lost.

By the time we found our way through the maze of arcades and gifts shops, we’d forgotten where the car was parked. By this point I wanted to cry, I was so tired from a rubbish nights sleep and having to get up early, all this was the last thing I wanted.

Back on the road, we put the details into the SatNav to make sure we didn’t get lost. But the SatNav kept saying “turn left” every chance it got, but turning left would take us off the motorway early. So unsure of what to do, the driver asked us whether she should listen to the SatNav or stick to the route that she knew. Eventually it was decided that we’d listen to the SatNav, as it MUST be right because we definitely put the details in correctly.

We did get there, but almost 2 hours late because we went all round the houses instead of sticking on the motorway. But, in all honesty I was just glad to be there. It was a very confusing place, almost like the house was set upside-down. We got out the car and heard “Hello! Up here!” so we looked up and the first thing we saw was a big bush of blonde hair (which, I’m not gonna lie, scared us slightly).

The lovely woman invited us in and, to my delight, about 6-7 puppies came running up to us. There was a cuteness overload which made both me and my mum cry. Our puppy was the smallest and shyest of the bunch, lingering at the back and then hiding under the sofa. But she was absolutely beautiful and we instantly knew what we’d call her. Myah.



I instantly fell in love. After sorting out the paperwork and goody bag, we were able to take her home straight away. So we said goodbye and hopped straight back into the car, eager to get home after such a long (and stressful) drive there.

We made sure to stick to the motorway this time and NOT listen to the SatNav, so it only took about an hour and a half to get home again. Myah was as good as gold, cuddled up on mine or my mums knee and sleeping most of the journey.


Once we were home, we introduced her to our other dog, Jade, as well as my daughter and they all got along brilliantly. It took her a little while to settle down after the big journey, so all she did was sleep and have a little drink every now and then, but only as long as she was in between my legs.

Today, however, she’s very happy and playful and eating/drinking A LOT. Which obviously means weeing and pooing A LOT. Once on my knee (typical), once on my parents’ bed during the night but the rest of the time she went on her nappy pads which made us very proud of her.

Alexa is still unsure of the new arrival. Whenever Myah is on the floor, Alexa will walk up to her. But if Myah walks towards her, her reaction is “sorry, My-arggghhhh!” and she runs off. Which I find highly amusing as Myah attempts to chase her with her legs flailing about.

And now, still drained from yesterdays adventures, I’m enjoying a lovely coffee whilst having cuddles with Myah.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this blog!

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx


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