Hey there, Sparklers 🙂

I thought I’d do something a bit different today. The “My first time” tag is going around the internet again, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and answer some of the fun questions!

1. Who was the first person you subscribed to on YouTube?
I think it was Christian Beadles. Back when I was in looooove with the baby-faced, innocent, 16 yr old Justin Bieber. I realised that he and Christian were friends and I found them both hilarious when they were together! His channel is inactive now, he hasn’t posted anything on it in like 4 years.. But here’s the link anyway! 😛

2. Your first Facebook profile picture?


These were my first two profile pictures, and let’s just say I’m absolutely mortified.

3. How old were you when you first fell in love?
I was 16 when I first fell in love. We stayed together until a month after my 18th birthday. Not only was he my first love, he was my first.. well, everything. And we were engaged for roughly a year, so it was a shitty time when we split. 

4. What was your first alcoholic drink?
Blue WKD, of course. I think almost everyone’s first taste of alcohol is blue WKD. My neighbour was having a garden party in the summer, and there was a few people there. Both adults and kids, and I remember clearly that I was allowed to have a sip of blue WKD and I absolutely loved the taste, so much so that I kept asking for more. Even afterwards, I’d nag my mum for some at every opportunity. Not that she let me.

5. Who was your first best friend, and do you still talk?
My first best friend was Caitlin and we’re still best friends to this day. We’ve known each other for 8 years, and although we hardly see each other anymore through her going to uni etc, it hasn’t affected our friendship in the slightest. Whenever we do see each other, nothing ever changes and it always feels like we’ve never been apart. 

6. What is the first thing you do in a morning?
Moan. Moan at the fact that I’ve woken up.. I love sleep A LOT. Like, I’d happily have a sleeping buddy as opposed to being in a relationship. Sleep is life for me. But once I’ve got over the disappointment of waking up, I check my phone. 

7. What was the first concert you ever went to?
Justin Bieber. Like almost every other 15-year-old girl, I was OBSESSED with Justin Bieber. to me, that was the best night of my life for a looong time.

8. First broken bone?
I really had to think about this, as I’ve broken a lot of bones. (all toes, all fingers, both wrists multiple times, top of my foot, my nose…) But yeah, after a good think, I figured out that the first bone I broke was my big toe. I was in year 5 at school, and my mum and I were having a girly night in as my dad had gone out to play snooker with my uncle. I don’t remember exactly HOW it happened, but I rolled off the settee and when I landed, I bent my big toe right back the wrong way. It was stuck in that position so I obviously had to go straight to A&E, and I was in so much pain and shock that I had to get in the car with a sick bowl. It wasn’t fun. But, the next day at school, I was showing my injury off in the girls toilets. Everybody was definitely impressed.

9. First piercing?
My ears. I was 11 when I first got my ears pierced. I would have got them done sooner, but my dad wouldn’t let me. And trust me, there’s NO arguing with my dad. The only reason I got them pierced at 11 was because my mum somehow managed to persuade him. I only kept them in for 2-3 weeks before having to take them out and let them heal as they got infected. I got them re-done roughly a year later and the second time was definitely a lot more painful than the first.

10. First movie you remember seeing?
Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. It was my cousins birthday, and the reason it sticks in my mind is because on the day she was really ill and kept throwing up every 5 minutes. As you guys know, from a young age I’ve had an issue with germs. The thought just grosses me out so I remember being absolutely disgusted when she asked for a sip of my drink. Oh hell no, girl. 
The part where they go down into the chamber and fight the Basilisk really terrified me. I was cowering in my seat and everyone was laughing at me.

11. When was your first kiss?
My first “proper” kiss was when I was in primary school. Either year 5 or year 6. (Is that bad?) It was with my neighbour’s grandson.. Under my bed. Don’t ask me why, because I have no idea. I was a weird child.

12. My first word?
My first word was tortoise (I pronounced it like toitoise). I remember my mum and dad telling me on a few occasions that when they were trying to get me to talk, I had a favourite stuffed tortoise as well as other things like a tortoise cup etc. They used these to encourage me to talk, and that’s how my first word ended up being “toitoise” instead of “mama” or “dada”.

13. When was your first detention?
My first detention was when I was in year 9, so I would have been 13/14. It was my science teacher who gave me my first detention and it was because I forgot my homework. I was absolutely devastated because I honestly thought my parents where going to be so angry and disappointed in me, but they weren’t. It was basically just sitting on my own for 20 minutes at break time, so I’d pretty much got myself worked up over nothing. I never had a detention again after that (at least I don’t think I did), as I was a bit of a goody-two-shoes in school.

14. My first period?
I had my first period when I was 14. I was a pretty late developer, and I was SO ready to start as I was getting tired of being the only girl left who hadn’t. I’d be hoping and praying everyday that today would be the day. I thought that starting your period made you so grown up and mature. I woke up one morning, wearing black pyjama bottoms, and went into the front room and sat on the chair arm, chatting away to my parents. I began to realise my pants felt wet and I couldn’t understand why. I hadn’t wet myself, and I didn’t have any reason to be sweaty.. As I was trying to figure out what it could be, I started having these crippling stomach pains, so I went to the bathroom and had a look. My reaction was “Oh! I don’t want to be on my period anymore if it’s going to be like this!” and ended up getting upset, whereas just the day before I was pleading. They’re strange things, periods.


And so, that’s it. These are the questions that I chose out of the many questions there were to answer. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see the video (which I did before this post), you can watch it here:

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx


Let’s have a chat.

Hey there, Sparklers 🙂

Today I wanted to talk to you about something. As you may or may not know, I uploaded a video on YouTube on Friday about Period Stories.


Now, let me explain WHY I uploaded this video. Many women, like myself, are or were embarrassed about their periods. There’s just something about them. If an accident happens and you’re not in your own home, it can be absolutely traumatising. The majority of women have these horror stories about their periods and they’re too embarrassed to mention it. I was exactly the same.

But, women should NOT be embarrassed about periods. It’s a natural thing that most women go through. And the majority of MATURE men are not grossed out by it. Everybody knows about “mother nature” whether they’re men or women. And although periods are an inconvenience, and some embarrassing moments do come along with them, what’s the big deal??

I’ve watched a few videos similar to mine on YouTube, and in all honesty it made me realise that it’s no big deal, and there’s no need to be embarrassed. So, to help other women realise that, I posted this video. Some may like it, some may think it’s a bit too much. But my intention was to lighten up the subject.

Now, because of this video, I’ve received some horrible, disgusting, inhumane comments. They have been deleted, because I refuse to be a laughing stock purely because of what some immature boys said.

I was told, and I quote, “Fuck you and fuck your videos, you fat pig” and “nobody likes you, go and kill yourself piggy”.

What is the need? Seriously? Luckily, despite my depression, anxiety AND lack of self-confidence, I refused to let these comments bother me because they came from an account with a weird name and no picture. I knew exactly what they were doing and just rose above it. But what if I didn’t? What if it really hurt me and I believed/agreed with what they said? What if I ACTUALLY DID kill myself. How would they feel then? They’d have someone else’s blood on their hands and for what?

I know I’m a bit overweight, and I’m trying to get fitter. But the weight is caused by medical conditions, having a baby and depression. It’s not going to just drop off of me. I know I’m not the best looking person in the world, but to call me a pig is just horrible.

My point is, NEVER give people hate because you just don’t know what they’re going through. This person told someone who already has depression to go and kill herself. It could have ended very badly if I didn’t have the willpower. I love what I do on YouTube. I may not be that popular, I may not have thousands of subscribers, but that doesn’t mean you can belittle me when all I’m doing is trying to achieve my dream.

Luckily, I have a little thing called GIRL POWER and it’s going to take a lot more than that to discourage me and make me give up my blog or my YouTube channel.

The lesson here folks, is to never hate on anyone, never judge a book by it’s cover and never ever bully.

Thank you to all the LOVELY people who read and watch my stuff. I’m lucky that 99% of my readers/viewers are positive and supportive. For that, I’m forever grateful.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. The next time I post, everything will be back to normal.

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx

It’s Good To Have Goals

Hey there, Sparklers 🙂

Today I want to talk about New Years Resolutions. The majority of people now feel that they are a waste of time.. But in all honesty, that’s just because you aren’t setting realistic goals or goals that have a true meaning.

The typical “I’m gonna lose weight and exercise – New year, New Me” is a perfect example of WHY nobody sticks to resolutions. If you jump on the same band wagon at the start of every year, just saying for the sake of it that you’re going to hit the gym hard when you know you AREN’T, is not being realistic at all. (Everybody is guilty of this, even me. I’d say this every year when in reality I’d rather eat a good old cheeseburger).

However, setting yourself realistic goals or goals that have meaning is very important. For example, if you genuinely want to become healthier set yourself a REALISTIC goal like losing a couple of pounds a week and/or doing exercises you KNOW you can do and that you’ll enjoy (there’s no point torturing yourself mentally or physically), so you can feel fabulous for the upcoming event you’re so excited about.

Not all resolutions have to be related to Health & Fitness, they can be anything you want to achieve. Big or small, short term or long term. But you have to remember to be as realistic as possible when setting yourself these goals. Set yourself something so that when you write it down and look at it everyday, you feel determined and you have a “I GOT THIS!” attitude. Anything is achievable if you’re in the right frame of mind.

Whatever goals you set yourself, make sure they benefit YOU. Don’t set yourself a goal just to please someone else. Your happiness is important too. The happier you are, the happier those around you become.

Here are some of my goals or resolutions. I’d love to hear yours, too!

  • Eat healthier and exercise more to improve all of my health problems, as well as to get rid of all the stubborn baby fat I’ve had for almost 2 and a half years. 
  • Do more things that are out of my comfort zone. Having depression, anxiety & OCD isn’t easy, and I may find this torturous at first, but I know that it will help me MASSIVELY in the long term.
  • Be more confident in myself (especially in front of the camera). Learn to love who I am and stop doubting myself so much.
  • Always be kind. Kindness goes a long way and you just never know what a person is going through or has just been through. 


Everyone is beautiful in their own way.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and that it has helped you in some way.

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx


Hey there, Sparklers 🙂

I have a little story for you today.. I kinda want to know your opinions on this.

Here’s a bit of backstory: On and off for as long as I can remember, I’ve had countless paranormal experiences in my flat. I don’t believe the flat is haunted because nobody else experiences anything. Apart from this one occasion where my mum and I were sat in our front room, and both of us heard footsteps and a child’s music box playing. You know, the creepy, old fashioned tunes? It was so weird.

But other than that, its only ever been me that experiences things. Am I just paranoid? Do I have an overactive imagination? I have no idea. I don’t know what to think anymore.

Today’s incident happened whilst I was in the shower. Now, there’s been two other times where something’s happened whilst I’ve been showering. The first was satanic symbols appearing on the outside of the glass in the condensation. That terrified me so much that I made my mum stand in the bathroom whilst I finished having my shower.

The second was when I had my back turned, I felt something hit my shoulder and it made a really loud clinking noise as it landed on the shower floor.. Turns out it was 50p. No word of a lie, I had 50p lobbed at me when I was in the shower.

There’s probably been a good 5-6 month gap since the last time anything happened..But today, again as I was in the shower, I just felt weird. As if somebody was stood watching me but I couldn’t see them. Then I watched this appear on my leg:

Deep, purple, curved scratches. I’m 1000% sure they WHERE NOT THERE beforehand. Not gonna lie, this really freaked me out and I jumped out the shower straight away and ran to my mum shouting “LOOK AT THIS, WHAT IS IT?!”

She didn’t know what to say and the colour started draining out of her face as I said “I felt like I was being watched, Mum. How much of a coincidence is that?”

So, now that I’ve calmed down, I want to share this story with you to hear your opinions on it. Has this happened to anyone else? Do you have a reasonable explanation? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this creepy post.

Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx