The time I met Taylor Caniff!

Hey there, Sparklers 🙂

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but ooooo I have a story for you today!!!

So, yesterday I went to Manchester to finally meet one of my favourite people in the world, Taylor Caniff. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a HUGE social media influencer and was a part of MAGCON alongside Cameron Dallas.

I was incredibly nervous because I had to go on my own. I’ve never been to anything like this on my own before and with me having anxiety, I was FREAKING OUT and expecting everything to go wrong.

I wore my favourite white summer dress and jumped on the train.


Once I’d got off the train and started following the directions to Sound Control, the venue he was at. I read that I had to take a right out of the station and walk down the road and then I’d be there. Simple enough, right? WRONG.

I managed to get lost. I walked straight ahead instead of turning right. I walked down the road for about 20 minutes before I realised I’d gone the wrong way.



I ended up having to FaceTime my best friend Caitlin and ask her for help as she used to live in Manchester. So I was showing her which street I was in and followed her directions. Luckily I found the venue in time and took my place in the massive queue. THANK YOU CAITLIN!!

I’d been to this place before with her, but it was so long ago that I just couldn’t remember where I had to go. I’m just lucky she did!

So I was at the back of the line, and each time the line moved I had a mini heart attack and began to freak out all over again. Purely because I was on my own in a sea of strangers and I felt so out of place.

But once I got inside my nerves where replaced with excitement, as I could see the backdrops about 8 ft away from me. I was concentrating on them, staring because I couldn’t see anyone behind them. It was obvious that that is where you get your pictures taken, so where was Taylor???

We was queueing next to the merch stand, but I was so busy concentrating on the backdrops that I didn’t realise that Taylor WAS STOOD NEXT TO ME SMILING.

How the hell did I not see him?! I didn’t even have time to panic, I was already there with him now stood in front of me with a huge grin on his face. He completely took me by surprise, so I was fumbling in my purse like an idiot trying to get some money out so that I could buy a bandana and have him sign it.

He signed it and looked up with a smirk. “How are you?”

I just squeaked. I SQUEAKED. Like an idiot. I was still in shock, he practically snuck up on me. I didn’t know what to say!

He just laughed and gave me a quick hug. I went to move and he said, “WAIT! I want you to be on my SnapChat. I gotchu girl.”

All I could do was smile and say “Um, okay!” he whipped his phone out, asked me to hold up the bandana and we posed. I shuffled off and immediately got up his snap story so I could see what I looked like.

I still had the “oh shit!” expression on my face. I literally wanted the ground to swallow me up.



I got back into the queue for the actual meet & greet and watched him posing with all these girls, they were all so beautiful. I literally felt like a potato compared to them.

When it came to my turn, I gave my phone to a guy who was in charge of taking the pictures, and walked over to Taylor. He gave me a massive cuddle and said he loved my purse. Then he turned and faced me, looked me straight in the eyes and said quietly, “you’re beautiful.” I nearly melted. I felt my legs turning to jelly. But I kept my voice confident as I thanked him and smiled. We got ready to pose for the pictures and then my phone rang. WHY. WHY NOW.

The guy turned my phone around and pointed to it, showing me it was my mum who was ringing. I let go of Taylor and went to answer it, but Taylor pulled me back and put his arm back around me. His grip was tight, and I was so close to him that my face was nearly squashed against his. I wasn’t complaining though! The other guy grinned and decided to answer it. “Hello, she’ll have to call you back later, she’s the star of the moment.”

My jaw LITERALLY hit the floor. All I could think was “great, now I’m gonna have 1001 questions thrown at me when I call her back.” I was right, but I’ll get to that bit later on.

We posed for the picture. I had a feeling I was really gonna like how it was going to turn out. And that doesn’t happen often, as I normally look like an idiot in my m&g picture.



I let go of Taylor again and went to retrieve my phone. But Taylor pulled me back a second time, put his arm back around me and buried is face into the side of mine. Then he kissed me on the cheek and said, “see you later beautiful.”

OH MY. How am I supposed to react to that? That’s never happened to me before, like EVER. I smiled and got my phone. I flicked through the pictures and realised that the guy who had my phone had captured that moment. HE TOOK A PICTURE OF IT.


Still in a daze and my legs still like jelly, I walked over to Chris Miles, who was also part of the m&g and performance. He was absolutely lovely, so welcoming and gives amazing hugs. He also complimented me on my purse.


I gave him another hug, and walked away towards the bar. The first thing I did was order a tropical VS because it was boiling in there and I needed to calm down. Then I moved to the side out of the way and called my mum back.

“Hey, mum! Sorry about before.”


So I had to quickly explain and before she could question me even more I shouted over the music “I HAVE TO GO I CAN’T HEAR YOU, BYE!”

Thank the lord for loud music. I escaped the questioning. I knew I’d get it again once I got home but that was fine, I could sit down and tell her the whole story which I was kind of excited about. I love having a gossip with my mum, but only when it’s the right time.

I walked over to a chair and sat down with my drink, immediately going on twitter and telling my friends about what had just happened. We’re all in a group chat so it was easy to tell them all at the same time. I honestly don’t know who was more hype, them or me!

I put my phone away and looked up, and there was Taylor, back at the merch stand, with Chris. I caught him looking over, and he turned away and said something to Chris, then turned back and smiled.

All I could think was “what does this mean? Has my make up gone patchy? Have I smudged my lipstick from drinking out of a bottle? Do I have something in my teeth?” After that I was so anxious and embarrassed I refused to look over again just in case. Having anxiety sucks. The kid was probably just being nice and friendly, and there’s me thinking I have a huge pimple on my face or something. I might as well have gotten a tattoo across my head saying “I’M LAME”

About 20 minutes later we all went to the stage and the show started. First up was an Irish band named Taken. I’d never heard them before, but I can see why Taylor chose them for a support act. WOW. Their voices are insane! I also had the chance to meet them after the show, and they are so lovely! They are going on their own tour later this year, so I’ll definitely be popping along to that.

Richie, Eoghan & Ste.


Once Taylor came on, the crowd went wild like OH MY GOD I’ve never seen anything like it! He went out of his way to make sure we stayed hype throughout the show. Including throwing bottles of water on us, and playing popular songs in between.



It was literally one of the best nights of my life. So much fun!!

But I’m gonna leave it there 🙂 thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!!


Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx