116 Questions

Hey there, Sparklers 🙂

Today I thought I’d finally give answers to all of the questions I have been asked that I just kind of brushed off, or simply just forgot to answer them. There just so happens to be 116 of them! Let’s goooooo!! 😛

1. Are you hot?
Depends what you mean by “hot”. Hot as in hot and sweaty? Maybe a little. Hot as in good looking? Absolutely not.

2. Are you rich?
Nope. But I’m not struggling either.

3. Are you in love?
No not right now, I have feelings for someone but it takes a lot for me to properly fall in love.

4. Do you like coffee?
Y E S. I can’t live without coffee. 

5. Your dream vacation?
I have four. Lapland, Hawaii, Australia and LA. 

6. Who do you truly love?
As I said before, I’m not “in love” with anybody, but I truly love my family.

7. Last movie you watched?
The Tigger Movie. I just love it so much, I watch it whenever it comes on TV.

8. What sport do you play?
I don’t play any now, but I played rugby in school, football and tennis outside of school and if dancing is classed as a sport, I did that too. 

9. What are you eating right now?
Nothing. As lovely as it would be, I don’t have food in my mouth 24/7.

10. How is your best friend?
Aw, I like this question! She’s doing great, I’m so proud of her and I love her to pieces. 

11. What novels do you read?
Honestly, I’ll read any book that looks appealing to me. I don’t have a specific genre, if the cover and blurb catches my eye, I’ll read it.

12. What is your favourite pet?
Dogs! I’ve grown up around dogs, never been without one. They’re so loyal and playful. Every dog my family has owned has been like my child 🙂

13. Where is your best friend?
Blackpool, in her final year at university. Just one of the reasons why I’m so proud of her!!

14. What TV shows do you like?
Anything paranormal. I LOVE the shows like Ghost Adventures where they go and explore different “haunted” locations to see whether they can debunk it or get proof that it really is haunted. 

15. What are you watching now?
Nella the Princess Knight. *Sigh* Don’t you just love kids? 😛

16. What do you put on to bed?
Short shorts and a tank top. Unless it’s really hot.. then I just sleep in my underwear. 

17. What’s the name of your pet?
Myah. She’s a beautiful Old English Mastiff, a big fluffy baby. She’s one next month!

18. What is the size of your bed?
At the moment it’s just a single.

19. What are you listening to now?
Adverts. *Rolls eyes*

20. What is your favourite subject?

21. Worst injury you ever had?
Tearing the cartilage around my hip socket which loosened my pelvis and lower spine. They move around when I walk, and IT HURTS. 

22. What were you doing 3 hours ago?
Sleeping. I like naps. 

23. Are you wearing pants right now?
Um, yes?

24. What are your plans for tonight?
Relaxing, binge watching youtube videos and stuffing my face. 

25. When do you usually go to sleep?
Well, for the past two weeks my sleep schedule has been messed up, so I’ve only been going to sleep between 5 and 7am. It sucks. 

26. When did you last go on vacation?
Years ago. I was 14 and I didn’t even leave the UK, I just went to Wales. 

27. When did you last go for shopping?
Yesterday. I’m so good at adulting now!

28. Have you watched any movies this week?
The Tigger Movie and Mamma Mia. 

29. Do you miss anyone or anything right now?
I’ve been missing my other fluff baby Jade a lot this past week. She passed away in July. 

30. Who was the last person you chatted with on Facebook?
Nikki and Caitlin. We’re the terrible trio and everyone knows it haha!

31. Wet your bed?
When I was little yeah.

32. Beer or wine?
Ugh, I hate both. I’d probably have to go with white wine.

33. Are you drunk?
I wish!

34. Feeling sleepy?
I’m always feeling sleepy. A L W A Y S.

35. Are you a flirt?
I can be sometimes, but isn’t everyone?

36. Talk to animals?
I talk to Myah in a baby voice. Is that weird?

37. Are you hungry 24/7?

38. Do you cry in public?
It depends on the situation. Certain situations I can’t hold back my tears and just sob in front of everyone, but I tend to try and hide it as best as I can. 

39. Are you always happy?
No. Having anxiety and depression makes it extremely difficult to be happy all of the time, but I am happy 90% of the time 🙂

40. Do you have a stalker?
I hope not!!

41. Can you fart in public?
This is probably the most random question so far. No I refuse to fart in public, I just hold it in. 

42. Ever peed in the woods?
Of course! Who hasn’t?!

43. Are you always impatient?
I do tend to get impatient quite a bit, not not all the time. 

44. Do you cry at sad movies?
I cry at sad movies, happy movies, funny movies, scary movies, romantic movies, action movies… Yeah. I cry A LOT at movies. 

45. Would you marry a celebrity?
Celebrity or not, I’d only marry someone if we both loved each other. Not for any other reason.

46. Are you a drama queen?
I can be sometimes. 

47. Do you dance or sing in the car?
Duh! Going on a road trip and blasting music that you can sing/dance along to is the best thing ever.

48. Ever stolen a street sign?
I don’t think so. Not that I’m aware of anyway.

49. Do you sing or dance in the shower?
I don’t sing in the shower because it echoes and I don’t want to deafen everybody, but I always dance (and fall over) when I’m having a shower. 

50. Have you ever forgotten your birthday?
I’ve forgotten how old I was and if I’d had a birthday that year, if that’s what you mean?

51. Do you ask or answer stupid questions?
Well clearly I’m answering them right now, so yes. 

52. How long can you stay without bathing?
A day. 

53. Would you give all your money to charity?
Yes, if it was a charity I felt passionate about.

54. Do you enjoy watching cartoons or anime?
I’m not really into anime, but I like watching cartoons sometimes. 

55. Have you ever laughed at the wrong moment?
Yes. I always laugh in awkward situations or if I’ve been taken by surprise, whether it’s good or bad. 

56. All places you have piercings on your body?
Just my ears and my nose. Nothing exciting or unique here. 

57. Can you spend all your money on something stupid?
No. I’ve bought stupid and pointless things before, but I’d never blow all my money on something like that.

58. Would you drop your phone after you just bought it?
Yes. I think I’m cursed, because every time I get a new phone I drop it within the first day.

59. Do you always smile for the camera when taking pictures?
I don’t smile in selfies because I don’t like my smile, but if somebody else is taking the picture I’ll smile, unless it’s supposed to be goofy. 

60. What did you dress up for Halloween when you were a kid?
A witch. A cheap black dress that felt like a bin bag, a cheap orange or purple wig, and a rubbish broom. 

61. Are you lazy?
Definitely. My favourite hobby is laying down and taking a nap. I’d much rather have a sleep partner willing to spoon than a relationship. 

62. Favourite movie?
I have a feeling I’ve answered this before, but I can’t quite remember so I’ll answer it again. My favourite movie is The Princess Diaries. It’s one of the only movies that I can watch over and over again without getting sick of it. Probably because I relate to Mia so much.

63. Are you dating?
No, I haven’t dated anybody for a while. It’s getting to the point where I’m always being asked about it. Yesterday my driver asked me. “Where’s your other half? Is he working?” and after I said “I don’t have one” I spent the rest of the journey looking out the window like this:



64. Are you married?

65. Favourite scents?
The candles that smell like orange peel, or the ones that smell like Christmas. 

66. How old are you?
Again, I’ve probably answered this a few times but I have the memory of a goldfish. I’m 22. 

67. Are you in debt?
Nope 🙂

68. Do you have kids?
I think the majority of you know already that I have a daughter, but if I have new readers that don’t know; I have a 2yr old daughter, Alexa Brooke. She’ll be three in 13 days! 

69. Summer or winter?
Definitely winter. I love being cosy and warm, snuggling under blankets with hot chocolate. It’s just heaven!!

70. Do you use drugs?
No. Never have, never will.

71. Where were you born?
Wigan, England. 

72. Ever fallen in love?
Ok, now I’m starting to realise that I have actually answered some of these already, but I’m lazy and can’t be bothered making changes to the questions.

73. What’s your religion?
I was raised a Christian. 

74. Do you have siblings?
Not by blood, but I have a foster sister. We fostered her when I was 8. 

75. How much do you earn?
Dang, there’s no holding back with these! I honestly don’t know. 

76. When did you last cry?
Yesterday. I saw a video on Facebook and I blubbered like a baby.

77. What’s your eye colour?
Dark brown. I’ve been told by a few people that they’re a darker brown than most people’s, which I think is pretty cool.

78. What are your hobbies?
I’ve answered this before, but my hobbies change all the time. I soon get bored and move on to something else, so I’ll answer it again. Right now I don’t really have any hobbies aside from this blog. I’ve taken a bit of a break from my youtube channel, so really the only hobbies I have are this, eating and sleeping. Oh and making funny edits for other people. I’m so exciting, aren’t I?

79. Computer or television?
Definitely computer. There’s so much more to do other than watching movies or shows.

80. Do you like joking a lot?
Yes, I love cracking jokes and trying to make people laugh. Even though my sense of humour is crap and I just end up laughing at myself. 

81. Are you named after anyone?
My middle names are named after my mum and grandma, but my first name isn’t named after anything.

82. Do you want to get married?
Yeah, I’d love to get married sometime in the future. 

83. What do people like you for?
I’m always being complimented on how I’m a good listener and that I’m very sympathetic towards other situations. People tell me I’m funny too, but that’s just them trying to be nice haha. 

84. Do you have special talents?
Um.. I can sleep for days.. does that count?

85. What is your favourite cereal?
CocoPops. The chocolate milk is the BEST THING EVER. 

86. What are your plans for the future?
I’d love to explore every single part of Hawaii and Australia. They’re such beautiful places and I really want to cuddle a koala! 

87. How long can you stick in a relationship?
I’m the sort of person that always wants a committed relationship, I don’t like bouncing around to different guys, but the longest relationship I’ve been in is 2 years. Hopefully the next one will last much much longer!

88. What do you want to do when you grow up?
I’ve already grown up, and it sucks. Don’t grow up kids!

89. What is the first thing you instantly notice about people?
Their hair or their eyes. Whichever stands out the most. 

90. How many people have you slept with over the past month?
None. I told you, I’m single pringle and ready to flamingle. That was so lame, I’m sorry. 

91. Does love equal to sex?
No. You can have love without sex, but you can also have sex without love.

92. Do you think you are old fashioned?
Not in the slightest. 

93. Love with heartbreaks or no love at all?
Love with heartbreaks, definitely. I’m a very affectionate person and I hate the thought of never being in love again. 

94. Which one do you prefer? Trust or love?
This is a difficult one! I think I prefer trust. Trust is very important, and it’s extremely difficult to love someone if you can’t trust them. Having someone in your life that you can trust with everything is really special, and seems to be quite rare these days. 

95. Would you save the life of a homeless person? Why/why not?
I already have. I was on a night out last year, and after all the clubs closed I sat down on a step and a homeless man approached me. We started talking and laughing. He introduced himself as Chris, he was telling me about his family and how he served in the army, singing a song to me that he wrote by himself, and then he started to feel unwell. He was clutching his chest and couldn’t breathe, and he was shaking quite violently. I wasn’t sure if he was having some kind of seizure or having a heart attack, so I unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, put him in the recovery position on the floor and shouted to a woman who was walking by to call an ambulance because my phone was dead. I put my jacket under his head and covered him up with his sleeping bag, and sat with him until the ambulance came. I held his hand and stroked his head, comforting him as best as I could. The police came too, and I had to explain everything to both them and the paramedics, also telling them what I did to try and help him and they thanked me and said I helped save his life. A homeless person is still a person, and if you ever walk past someone that you think may need help, help them. Ask them if they’re okay. Do SOMETHING. 

96. If you could wish anything or do anything, what would it be?
If I could make a wish that would be granted, I’d probably wish to be reunited with all my family members, friends and pets that have passed away. If I could do anything in the world, I’d travel to all my favourite places around the world and learn the cultures, as well as making friends in all the different countries. That would be pretty f*cking awesome!

97. Are you the type of friend you would like to have as a friend?
I’d like to think so. I try to be as understanding and sympathetic as possible, and I’ll always sit and listen to people whenever they need someone to talk to. 

98. Is money the real source of happiness? What makes you happy?
This is a great question. I don’t think money is the source of happiness at all. When I was growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money. We weren’t “poor”, but we couldn’t really afford any luxuries. But I was so happy as a child because I was surrounded with love and laughter. I always felt wanted and appreciated, and that was the best feeling in the world. Love and friendship is what makes me happy.

99. Are you always nice to people and do you expect something in return?
I always TRY and be nice to people. Sometimes I snap and can be a bit mean or sarcastic if they’ve done something to upset me, but more often than not I’m always friendly with people, even though I know they might not always be friendly back. 

100. Would you prefer to be hurt by someone you love most or by someone you trust most?
Ooh, this is hard. As I said earlier, trust is extremely important in my opinion, so I think it would be more hurtful for me personally if it was someone I trusted the most. 

101. What is probably the hardest thing to lose in your case? Why is it hard to give up?
The thing that would destroy me if I ever lost is my daughter. I can’t bare thinking about life without her. She’s my world, and I probably wouldn’t see the point in life any longer if I ever lost her. 

102. Remember the last time you were furious. What made you that angry?
Hmm. I think the last time I was furious was when somebody reported my dad to the council for being “a nuisance” and “throwing beer cans out of the window into their garden”. It made my blood boil because my dad is classed as disabled. He’s so poorly that he can’t do much by himself. He manages to get out of bed on his own, dress himself, have a shower by himself (with the door unlocked in case he falls or something). That’s it. So how in the hell would he be able to be such a nuisance to his neighbours?! The council actually came out to investigate and the neighbours got in trouble for making the whole thing up. I hate petty people. *Rolls eyes for the hundredth time*


103. Imagine you are alone at home, lonely and bored. Who would you like/wish to be together with?
Oh boy. This is juicy. I don’t really wanna say the name or whether they’re male or female because I don’t know if they’ll read this or not. So, I’ll just leave an initial. M 🙂

104. Apart from romantic love, when did you last tell someone that you loved them? What did they mean to you?
Yesterday. I told my parents that I loved them like I do every night, but I also told Sam, Richy, Mani, Danny, Mike and Leanne that I love them too. Because without even knowing it, they’ve helped me through some of the shittiest times of my life and I’m forever grateful for them. 

105. If there is one time or one moment in the last year or month, that you would change, what moment would it be? Why?
Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I changed anything in the past. 

106. If you are to give your money to charity, who will you donate it to? Homeless people organisation or a children’s home?
I’d donate money to both. I’m passionate about helping homeless people AND helping children too. Both types of charities are important to me. 

107. You are to save your family member or your lover from drowning in an ocean. Who do you leave to drown and why?
Honestly, I could never choose. I mean I don’t have a lover at the moment *sob* but I could never leave anybody to drown without at least attempting to save them. I’d rather save them both and me be the one to drown instead. 

108. When did you last honestly reveal your feelings to someone else no matter how hard it was to tell them?
The last time I honestly revealed how I felt even though it was hard was a few months ago. I was going through a really bad patch with my depression but I didn’t want to admit it to anybody. I pretended I was fine for weeks, but one day it all got too much and everything just flooded out to my parents. It was hard because it upset them, it made my mum cry. She felt bad because she had no idea I felt like that, but it was because I did a pretty good job at hiding it. I felt so much better after letting everything out. Knowing I always have someone to talk to really helps. 

109. What is the hardest/most difficult thing you’ve revealed to someone you have been in love with? e.g. you love them, or you don’t love them as they do?
The most difficult thing I’ve ever had to say to someone I’ve loved is breaking the relationship off even though I hadn’t lost feelings for them. It just wasn’t a healthy relationship and I wasn’t happy, even though I still loved them. It was horrible, and I hope that never has to happen again.

110. What is harder for you, facing someone when telling him/her the way you feel, or facing someone when he/she is telling you the way they feel?
Personally, I find it harder when I’m facing someone when telling them how I feel. I worry a lot and always think the worst of the situation. It’s definitely easier for me when it’s the other person telling me their feelings, even if I don’t feel the same.

111. Your best friend just confessed to having feelings for you and wants to be more than usual friends. He/she loves you. What will you do or say?
Well, my best friend is a girl. And as much as I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings, I’d be honest with her, but as gently as possible. 

112. Picture the last dead person you know. You have a chance to bring them back to life for an hour, but you lose 1 year of your life. Will you do it?
Of course!!! If I’d only lose a year of my life I’d bring back every single person I’ve lost for an hour. How long or short my life is doesn’t bother me in the slightest. 

113. You are in an emergency situation, for example, a burning building. You have a chance to make a single phone call. Who will you call? What will you tell them?
This is easy for me. I’d ring my parents’ land line. That way I can speak to both my parents in the same phone call and tell them that I love them. Alexa would either be with me or with them, so either way I’d be able to tell her also that I love her.

114. You receive news from your doctor that your condition is worsening and you only have one week to live. Will you reveal to anyone or everyone that you are about to die? What will you do in your last days? Will you be afraid?
Dang, this is a deep, slightly morbid question. I wouldn’t tell the world that I’m going to die, but I’d let the people closest to me know. I’d spend my last days with my closest family and friends, making new memories that will last forever, and also making it a vacation to Hawaii. But I do know that I wouldn’t be afraid. I’ve never been afraid of the thought of dying. 

115. When heading to work, you encounter a situation that you need to help out. For instance, a cat is stuck up a tree. Your boss has threatened to fire you if you get to work late again. Do you save the cat or save your job?
I’d 100% save the cat. I won’t leave any person or any animal if I know they need help, even if that means the risk of losing my job. I can always get another job!

116. Your boss wants to sack your coworker due to work shortage and he/she just got the job recently. You have been working there much longer. But with a large family to support, your coworker has no other source of income. Will you approach your boss and request to quit the job?
Ooo, this is an interesting one. Personally if I knew my coworker had a large family and would have no other source of income if they lost their job and I had another source of income or was in a stable position money-wise, I’d quit my job so that they could keep theirs and feed their family.  


Well, that’s all of them! I’m not going to lie, this took me FOREVER to do. But I’ll always answer questions, unless they’re wayyyy too personal. Some of these were random and a bit pointless, but some really made me pause and think about my answers. If anybody has any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂


Lots of love,
SarahSparkles xxx




















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